What is 2020 Delivery Imaging Insights?

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Imaging departments are facing increasing demand

Imaging activity grew by 3.4% p.a. between 2007-08 and 2012-13; the largest growth occurred in more complex modalities with long reporting times Taking into consideration the increase in complex modalities, the real terms increase in the reporting workload over the same period was 5% p.a. In addition, there is a requirement for faster turnaround times and out of hours reporting.

Imaging Insights helps imaging departments understand demand and balance workload

  • How many radiologists do you need in light of rising imaging demand?
  • Are all of your radiologists contributing appropriately given their job plans?
  • Are job plans appropriately matched to the actual time spent on reporting by each modality?

A proven track record

A previous version of Imaging Insights has been implemented at a number of trusts; the new online version allows for easy updating on a monthly basis, by simply uploading pre-defined RIS extracts, and benchmarking across all trusts registered with the Ready Reckoner. In the first seven months of operating Imaging Insights at one large London teaching trust:
  • The proportion of exams reported within 24 hours increased by 20%
  • Some radiologists with low utilisation showed significant increases in output, by contributing to X-ray reporting as well as more specialised scans

Clinical backing

Imaging Insights is based on a set of assumptions agreed with a panel of consultant radiologists, chosen to represent imaging departments from across the UK, both DGHs and teaching hospitals. This group met in early October 2014 to agree the list of procedure times used in calculations of utilisation, and will be re-convened annually to revise times.